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Altar Your Life (AYL) is a radio show about creating a quality of life based on your consciousness, gracefulness and capacity. Everyone needs assistance, a gentle reminder of their abilities, the solution to a problem which seems unsolvable, or just a friendly and humorous voice to engage with, relate to or befriend in the night. We seek insight from someone who knows, someone who cares and someone who gets it.

In this day and age, people are looking to create change. They are in need of a new perspective that will infuse their life with a second wind. That's why self-help books continue to fly off shelves and new segments of spiritual and religious groups continue to crop up. When you look at the micro trends, people today are determined to be different, yet find comfort in connections. That's what Altar Your Life will provide. 

You, me, the average human being is not born imbued with the sensibility to know "the way" along "the path" that lies before them. That's why we habitually seek insight, direction and guidance from those wiser and more experienced than ourselves. From gurus to medicine men, sages to deities, historically only Aristotle and Mohammad types were trusted to enlighten us. But as we look to the future and hope for change, we have come to embrace a new breed of life guides.

Altar Your Life will unfold in following ways:

Altar your Life is a 1 - 3 hour interview and talk show formatted taped or live radio show

Content will combine: 

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