and purity of these radiant souls by focusing on their eyes as a reminder of the perfection of God’s image. With each page, I hope you find yourself gazing into the eyes of God and letting a warm flood of grace, radiance, and love permeate your heart. Look into their gentle, joyous eyes. The eyes of grace. The eyes of acceptance. The eyes that bring our souls to the very seed of life.

I hope that you enjoy these sacred images of true and unconditional love. If you are looking for quiet heroes who emit love each time they speak or take a simple breath, you are in for a treat. You will find the absolute kindness that exemplifies the same boundary-less map we are all taught that God offers, yet it does not require you to journey to the top of a mountain or to the pulpit of a temple. It only requires you to open your eyes.


"Your book is amazing! It brought tears to my eyes reading it last night" —Kelly Sinclair

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One morning, I decided it was time to be engaged in something unique, uplifting and positive. I wanted to promote something full of hope, love, and compassion. That morning, I started work on “I’m Down with You.”

This book was born from a place of deep admiration. Many people search their whole lives for peace of mind and unconditional love—pouring over self-help books, attending seminars, listening to audiotapes and praying by their bedsides for help. The simple irony is that there already exists, within the Down Syndrome community, a simpler model of emotional contentment and spiritual perfection. I’ve always felt that this extra 21st chromosome was a blessing, whereas most people misjudged it as a curse, problem or disappointment.

To capture the spirit of these individuals, I embarked on a photographic journey—meeting, learning from, and photographing members of the Down Syndrome community. What you will find on these pages is not a staged or grouping of subjects, but rather, a series of moments with people I met and befriended along the way. In the yogic Scripture it says, “Even a glance from the eyes of a holy man can cure mental and physical imbalances.”

Looking into the eyes of these extraordinary individuals is a healing experience that can cure even the most world-weary traveler. I set out to capture the essence

The Journey
An Excerpt from I'm Down with You
By Jagatjoti S. Khalsa


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