Jagatjoti Khalsa is the Managing Director of Heyoka, a multidiscipline creative and strategic firm. Prior to founding Heyoka, Jagatjoti co-owned Tara Home, a retail chain of furniture stores which he and his partner sourced and manufactured in India, China, Tibet, Mongolia and Thailand. Jagatjoti operated full manufacturing facilities in both China and India. He developed his career in the natural foods industry at KIIT, the parent company of Yogi Tea, Golden Temple, and Akal Security. Starting as an intern at Yogi Tea, he eventually landed on their five-person corporate management team where he assisted the KIIT companies in their growth, from $125MM to nearly $350MM at the time of his exit.

Jagotjoti helped to move Yogi Tea from the third tea in Natural Foods category to number one. Additionally, he assisted in laying the strategy for the long-term branding development and marketing campaigns for all the Golden Temple brands, including Golden temple granola, Peace Cereals and Sweet Home amongst others. He helped pioneer Yogi Tea into the first fully-organic medicinal tea line by building with their partner company ForesTrade by sourcing ingredients for brands such as Oregon Chai, Smuckers, Frontier Co-Op, Seeds of Change/Masterfoods/Mars, Spice Hunter, General Mills to name a few. He was the president of Sprout Foods, a baby food concern developed and launched by Max MacKenzie and his best friend Tyler Florence.

Jagatjoti resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife Sat Kaur Khalsa and his daughter Pritam. He is the author of Altar Your Space, a guide to the restorative home and a photography book, I'm Down with You, which features the beauty and lovingness in the eyes of those with Down syndrome.

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